Diane Miller

                                             When I was 8 years old, I wanted to be an  astronaut.                                                 As a teenager, I couldn't ride the   a roller coaster                                                         without feeling ill.  At that point, a future career in flying                                                to the stars proved unpromising, so I decided to                                                           approach it from a different angle.  I began my college career as a student of aerospace engineering.  I did well but, in my sophomore year, I had an  experience that changed the rest of my life: I had my wisdom teeth removed.  I remember my overwhelming fear at the thought  of surgery.  Flashbacks of my own mask induction as a child flashed in my mind, the panic so overwhelming that I bit the doctor.  I was too old to bite anyone now, but somehow that made me feel worse!  But then a nurse anesthetist named Mike explained the anesthetic process, calmed my fears, and even had me laughing.  Before I knew it, Mike said, "Sweet dreams", and I drifted off t sleep. 

How cool was that?  He knew the exact moment I would fall asleep.  At the ripe old age of 20, I thought  that impressed me so much I changed my major--and I never looked back.

Two decades later, I can say without reservation I made the right choice.  I may not have realized my dreams of flying to the stars but, every day, I get to fly my patients to 'sweet dreams', answer their questions and, like Mike, calm their fears.  With the invention of PeDIA, I also get to play with a little engineering on the side.       

2015-Present: CEO PeDIA, LLC
1999-2017:  CRNA Dominion  Anesthesia
1996-1999: CRNA Potomac Anesthesia Associates
1995-1996: CRNA Kaiser Permanente  Inc.

1992-1994: Medical University of South Carolina, MHS 
                   & Certificate in Nurse Anesthesia
1982-1987: State University of New York at Buffalo,  BSN


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